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  2. You can take the picture against a white background by a high pixel digital camera, the light should be balance. Eyes can’t be cover by hair. Head should be straight. The picture can’t reflect light. Please stand at attention, we need front side. Don’t wear glasses. Don’t take the pic under yellow or red light. Take a picture where the camera is 6-8 ft away from your body. We can crop and zoom in on the pic as long as it is a 3 megapixel or more camera.
  3. You need to do a signature by using a black pen on white computer paper, take picture and upload. FLASH OFF PLEASE.
  4. PAYMENT is upfront. Meaning you need to pay for it before we send it out to you. We will contact you with payment information.
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I obtained a passport, id card and driver’s license and to be honest, I was skeptical of the quality and authenticity of these products, but upon seeing their samples and then having my own products delivered (quite hastily), I can say that these products are absolutely great! The resemblance between these products and the real material is full authentic. For anyone looking for this kind of eu id, I personally suggest this. The customer service is outstanding, they are people who have your best interests in mind!


Would highly recommend this company, don’t bother with the others, they’re not as good by a long way. Drafting the final copy of my documents was exemplary. The customer service i received was second to none, all my requests were catered for without question. There was a last minute alteration needed by me through a miscommunication which they attended to speedily and reprinted and sent out again (twice), free of charges. The whole process has been excellent and I will be back here to make the order with several other documents, but it looks very good from what I’ve seen so far.


Order submitted online 2 June 2017. Prepayment was made on 3 June. The process completed by 5 June and new passport delivered today 12 June. Tracked all the way of delivery – Fantastic service.